Employee Technology Agreements

It is axiomatic that most of your important technology assets walk out the door every night in the minds of your employees. They join your company bearing intellectual property that they may have developed independently or for a former employer. They may be subject to restrictions against working for you. Once they join, less than all of the intellectual property they develop is automatically owned by you. When they leave your employ, they will carry away some of your most important trade secrets - both technical and business secrets.

The agreements required to manage this process need to comprehensively cover works of authorship, trade secrets, inventions, non-competition, non-disparagement and much more, but at the same time, the agreements need to respect the boundaries of the law and the employees, themselves. Gone are the days when employees join a company and stay until retirement. Unless the agreements recognize the need for inventive employees to be gainfully employed after leaving your company, attracting and keeping the best and the brightest becomes a nearly insurmountable hurdle.

  • Employment agreements
  • Assignments of inventions
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Non-competition agreements
  • Non-solicitation agreements
  • Technical policies (employee manual)
  • Separation/severance agreements


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