• Business Guide to IT Contracting
  • Business Guide to Intellectual Property
  • Bytes & Rights newsletter; covering business and legal developments in intellectual property and technology, editor
  • "The Papal Round," The Final Private Financing Frontier, Boston Digital Industry, March 2001
  • "Dear Leader: IT Purchasing," CIO Magazine, September 1999
  • "A Code Day in Hell: Software Escrows," CIO Magazine, June 1999
  • "Hot Potato: The Hardware Sizing Risk," CIO Magazine, April 1999
  • "Legal & Blinding: The UCC2B Debate," CIO Magazine, October 1998
  • "Microbiology: Why Joel Klein Should Chill Out,", July 1998
  • "A Very Public Affair: Using Information Collected Over the Internet From Customers," CIO Web Business, December 1, 1997
  • "Looking Both Ways: An Employer Perspective On Policies Governing Internet Use At Work," CIO Magazine, October 1, 1997
  • "Technological Self-Help: Draft UCC 716," Commercial Law Newsletter (on behalf of ABA Article 2B Subcommittee), July 1997
  • "The Surprisingly Long Arm of the Law," Webmaster Magazine, March 1997
  • "Raising Capital: Some Basics," The MIT Enterprise Forum of Cambridge, ForumReporter, January, co-author, 1997
  • "E-Mail & Attorney-Client Privilege," The Data Law Report, co-author, July 1996


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